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The gift of a lifetime; Running Speed

Throw away the ladders and cones! Every sport coverts speed. Spring speed, change of direction, acceleration, you name the sport, speed is cool!

Three must moves to develop speed:

You want your child or yourself to get faster? Don’t follow the norm of certain agility and speed experts that would have you believe there is magic in ladders, cones and jogging.

The gift of a lifetime; Running Speed

1. Change the way you walk:

Walk on the balls of your feet and understand that the ground is the enemy! Walk with a strong posture with a slight lean and make sure you are first striking the ground with the balls of your feet before peeling on to the heels.

You walk all day so a slight change in improved foot placement, posture and less time on the ground when you walk will convert to better running movements!

2. Stop jogging- jogging is for old people:

The two killers of speed; low knees and small strides. What do you do when you jog? Low knees and small strides. Eliminate jogging completely from your team or child's habits! Use high knee, explosive warmups if needed or better yet, just sprint all the time! So much of speed is a mindset. If you want to run faster, your brain will be persistent in making sure your body maxs out its potential.

3. Body Strength train:

Push-ups, prisoner squat jumps, pull ups and fast pace sit-ups. You can't do too many of the Fab 4 in Fitness. Stronger gluts, stomach, quads and upper body strength will allow your new movement patterns to have greater force and mass.

Like the movie says: "Run Forrest Run!" Spend more time actually sprinting if you want to be faster!

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