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Be the Master Teacher and Coach: It's what, how and when you say it!

Be aware of the timing, tone and content of your message. Yelling is not an option.

If it is not fun for you and your players, then find another way to spend your spare time.

Embarrassing players is not an option.

Foul language or cursing is not an option.

A sarcastic comment to players is not an option.

Being the players' buddy is not an option.


Becoming aggressive with parents and umpires is not an option.

Creating a different standard with your son is not an option.

Engaging in heated discussions with parents and umpires is not permitted.

Under no circumstances do we run up scores or exhibit any unsportsmanlike behavior.

Treat all parents with respect and try to avoid socializing after the game with the same three families.

Avoid overplaying of the assistant coaches son. Playing time is based on ability, effort level and practice attendance.

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