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Travel Baseball For High School Players: Shotgun or Rifles?

Travel Baseball for HS players Shot gun or Rifles? Whether it's college exposure camps, premium tournaments or playing on the "select" teams, parents believe it will increase their son or daughter's chances at a college scholarship. And it has become the Holy Grail in travel ball now. Instead of taking the shotgun approach in the process, a more narrow and focused strategy will make your life less stressful and your child's experience much more efficient.

News flash to all parents: Stop the madness, stress and additional dollars you are spending on chasing colleges. It won’t help. Instead of parading to tournaments and endless showcases hoping someone likes your child, start with targeting the colleges your son or daughter thinks is a good academic, athletic and geographic fit. Then, go after them!

Travel Baseball For High School Players: Shotgun or Rifles?

By your child’s junior year, identify 8-10 colleges and attend the college camps they host, or find out what other events the coaching staff will be attending. Have your player professionally evaluated and spend just as much time training their brain as you do their swing.Spend equal amounts of dollars on a Math and English or SAT tutors as you do on hitting and pitching lessons.

What team your son or daughter plays on is less important than the training and guidance they might be receiving from professionals.

Attend the next Frozen Ropes College Bound Info Night or ask one of our College Bound Counselors about how we have assisting Baseball and Softball players in the college selection process since 1990!

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