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FOPO powerful athletes get classified by coaches

FOPO powerful Too often, athletes get classified by coaches, recruiters, and scouts and even teammates as " not up to par" role player, great kid,but no talent". This branding of players may be the most influential reason why players give up, accept their fate or carry this opinion into other parts of their lives. Feedback and listening to constructive criticism is the trait of all champions. When someone else's opinion starts to define who you think you are and limits your desire to improve is a systemic problem in sports, both at the amateur and professional level. You tell a child over and over again he's bad, guess what? Bad becomes the boy! Tell an athlete he can't start or become a great player one day with hard work becomes the unfortunate self fulling perception. The most magical word in the English language; YET. I'm not strong. Yet I'm not an A student. Yet I'm not a starter. Yet I can't hit a curveball.Yet

I'm not loose and smooth on the field. Yet What's FOPO? F---k other people's opinion. ( Forget for the young ones!) Never ever let someone's opinion of you derail or destroy your desire to be the best one day.

FOPO powerful

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