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Game time! Are you ready?

Two outs, bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded. The crowd is loud and you are stepping to the plate. We have all been there before or in similar pressure situations. How do you let your talent shine and avoid having your performance sabotaged by nerves and anxiety? You need to ensure the following “Showtime” tools are in your tool box the next time you your heart rate climbs and your mind starts to wander! 1) THE POWER OF OXYGEN: Use a deep belly breath or a slow shrugging of the shoulders to relax your upper body. Remember calmness in and tension out as you take slow breathes in between pitches or prior to stepping into the batters box. Trying to hear yourself take slow, quiet breathes is a great way to calm your insides. Breathe in relaxation, breathe out stress! 2) FIND YOUR POWER SPOT: Do the thing you do when you are feeling great and under control (For example, Michael Jordan had the tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth when he was about to take his game to another level). Ask your teammates and coaches about the personal body talk you give off when you are performing well. The key to the power spot is to use it when things are getting tight. It might be the way you twirl your bat or the neck twist between pitches or the licking of the lips while you are getting ready to hit. Whatever makes you feel good and drive the confidence level up should be the power spot you activate during any game crisis. 

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