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Can you Rap...Chat?

March 31, 2017

I introduce to you RAP CHATS;

One of the greatest Weapons of Mental Dominance (WMD's) we have as athletes and human beings.  You ready to rap? Here go's!


I am Sam and i can jam..

The name is Rocky and I am cocky...

Jims the name and I play above the rim...


Rap chats are personal powerful and positive phrases you build and access when you need that quick pep talk ( right before the oral class presentation or in the on deck circle).


Instead of letting  self doubt, fear driven, negative BS play in your internal I pod, build your playlist with simple, powerful, process-driven rap chats that become your go to weapon in battle.


Some rap chat examples


I can do this, I'm a super hero.

I'm bad ass Michael, watch me play.

See the ball, be the ball. Trust and smooth, I'm a Rock star.

I love puppies, sunsets and myself.

Watch me people, I'm on fire. 


This self-talk  technique is nothing new we just made the name cooler; RAP CHATS!


Take the time to  build your rap chat library ( 2 or 3 to start).  Rap them at night or during the day so they are ready for Play when it's Prime Time! 




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