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Live like the Seven Dwarfs! Sleep eat and be Merry.

Maybe Snow Whites posse had it right. 

Anxiety is at an all-time high on  college campuses across the country.  Even students in high school now face more "stress" to keep up their grades and social stature like no other generation. 

No magic bullet to live stress and anxiety free.

Actually, a little bit of both gets your butt out of bed to go to class or work and finish the project due today that may get you fired or fail a class!

Let's Find a little a Disney each day:

Sleep rules. Hands down ( or whole body down)!  You skimp on rest, you risk a multitude of other daily problems. You have no shot of having big league coping skills of life's daily BS, if you think a 5 hour sleep cycle is the key!

Simple formula. Make rest and recovery a priority. Unplug from the cyber world earlier, commit to a regular sleep time and stop wasting the 1440 minutes of day and get selfish to turn more waste time into sleep time.

You want to have energy and calmness on a daily basis?  Garbage in, feeling like crap out!

You heard it from your mommy, grandmother and Uncle know it all!  Get off the caffeine roller coaster and energy drink train wreck and start eating the foods again you learned about in the food pyramid in middle school! 

Be Goofy every day.

Laugh like a crazy person out loud, smile at trees or find humor in the stupidest things on a daily basis.  Tough to be up tight when your facial muscles look like the Joker from Batman. 

Have a Magical Day. 

Live like the Seven Dwarfs! Sleep eat and be Merry.

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