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Magic Monday. Reset and get it right this week!

  Okay so you never got past January 15th with your New Years Resolutions. 

The " need to do and change " priortities and the great blogs you have been reading here are really cute but the messages and weapons haven't shown up yet on a daily basis. 

Magic Monday. Fresh start and a perfect time to go from " thoughts to action" today. 

Don't tackle the worlds problems and your issues all at once.  No more than three to go after today and let's see if this time you commit to it and make thoughts become actions which eventually become your routine. A few samplings to make Monday more magical than Disney world:

Sleep and eat.  

You skimp on those two and you are headed to loserville quickly. 

Find time to get to Alpha today.  

Alpha is our code name for meditate. Stop and smell the flowers today and find time to practice doing something that's really hard; listening to yourself breath and thinking of nothing! 

Make your rap chats and best flix become your reality.

Magic Monday. Reset and get it right this week!

 Self talk and imagery are the breakfast and lunch of champions. Find time to create and play the audio and video that you will need to go from good to great on the field and in the clsssroom. Your allowed to go back and read past blogs! 

The Best  time to have planted a tree was yesterday. Today is the second best day to get the tree grown!  

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