Stop the story  and and write a new script!

Do you sometimes fall into these lame "this is my reality" thoughts to yourself:

I always...

I never ...

I can't ...

I should ...

I suck ...

I'm trying to ...

One day ...

So what's your story? 

What reality have you created in your brain that is preventing you from the life and success that sits just outside your self made excuses!

Step one. Identify the story, mindset and obstacle you need to kick.

Step two.  A daily dose of rap chats

(self talk)  should be like vitamins; everyday and extra dosage when needed!

Catch yourself next time you start with the 

sad sack, pity me, own worst enemy chatter and replace it with your own kick ass feel good rap chat lyrics that are up for a Grammy music award it's so good! 

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