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Nailing the big interview for your dream job...or any job!

Great professionally written resume. Community service. Previous employment. References. Catchy phrases like "I'm a people person, highly motivated, organized, time manager, dedicated. Blah Blah Blah.  Losers!

Resumes are meaningless if you can't get the interview or don't have a contact or access to the decision makers. Ever hear the term, it's who you know not what you know?  Find a way to get that resume read and put on top of the pile early in the hunt!

Clean up your social media accounts before heading into the job market. You've heard it before. If your grandma wouldn't like the content or pictures on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts, get them off. All employers hunt for dirt. Don't give them any!

Better yet while in college start blogging or create your own website that becomes your cyber resume and highlights all of your talents and services you can offer to the world! Employers want confident, entrepreneurial  young people who show initiative. Show it early and often as you prepare for post college employment. 

You hear it all the time. Employers have to be sold on you as a person first before deciding on whether your limited work experience and who cares resume is a factor!  

Dress to kill and kill the entrance!

Dress like the person who would be your supervisor not your colleague. 

Walking into the interview is like a hitter entering the batters box.  Head up, great posture, a little swag and a handshake and smile that grabs the other persons attention and lights up the room. 

Employers want talented workers who possess outstanding verbal communication skills.  That's Number 1.  Write it on your forehead so you don't forget!   

The interview is your time to show someone that unlike the other candidates, you look straight into their eyes, don't say like, uh hum, yea,duh to end every sentence and you use words that convey you have maybe read a few books in your life!  

Yea dumb asses don't make good interviewers. Like our rap chats, have some killer lines that show them you are intelligent and can one day lead. 

No one cares your organized, dedicated and a problem solver! Don't fall into the blah blah talk in the interview either.  If you want the job, look like a winner and directly tell the stuffed shirt employer you are the bad ass they need! 

Nailing the big interview for your dream job

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