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Make the call to the Mood Police.

Nearly all difficulties are our own making and are the result of wrong or confused thinking.   

 Nellie Melsa, Legendary opera singer 1903 

Woo Nellie. You hit it on the nail with that song! 

Before being handcuffed and taken away by the Mood police, prevent a crime and change your mood on a dime ( good rap chat there, crime - dime, get it?).

It's your mood. 

You can turn it around by thinking positive, happy or focused thoughts, almost anywhere or anytime -in the morning, on the way to practice, in relationships, or walking onto the field. 

So how do successful people and performers do this?  What's the secret sauce to battle Mr./Mrs. bad mood:

Top performers experience setbacks, fatigue, fear,stress and self-doubt, just like everyone else.

However, they have developed the skills for letting their negative thoughts go and refocusing on the positives. 

As soon as you start to focus on doing the little things right that free you up to feel your best and be your best, you put yourself back in control of your mood and your performance! Simple formula so stop making  mood control harder than it is!

Remember and revisit your own successes.

Soak in them for awhile and often.  Hello best flix; our own movie matinee filled with our best of the best video clips of past performance or made up success!

Commit to stop revisiting things that went wrong in the past. 

If you find your mind slipping back to the same negative memories again and again, tell yourself to stop! Then change the channels to something more uplifting. 

Keep going back to positive thoughts every time that negative thought creeps into your mind. If you are persistent in doing this, you will eventually win over that negative thought. 

Stress in your life and fatigue make it easier to have bad boy moods prevail.  Get more sleep and don't sweat the small BS we all deal with every day that in 90 days we forget or never happened. 

Be your finest and best mood police. 

You are one thought and image away from freedom. 

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