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Would you survive on a farm for one day?

I know it's not your gig.  

Manual labor and busting your butt with a shovel or your back is not something you do often.   

Besides the cross-training benefit of working with your hands and appreciating the spoiled life you have,  muscle labor gives you great motivation to complete your degree or better your career path so manual labor isn't a daily requirement to pay the bills.  

Milk a cow. Plow a field. Pick onions in a field

Power lift things out of your closet and sprint to the garbage can. Anything that exerts physical strength and annoys you is the key!

Nothing better than some non-gym sweat to reconnect you with nature and get those endorphins pumping!

Rake leaves off a giant lawn. Sweep and mop the family garage. Carry dead trees from the property. Pick up garbage from the side of the road with men in orange jump suits!  Whatever gets the heart pumping and creates callouses, thats the resume builder that will impress others and keep you close to Earths beauty. 

Get out of your fantasy world and find a farm or  a chore that is beneath you to do... and love it!

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