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Two strike hitting is the ultimate practice to be a winner  in life!

Those readers that don't play softball or baseball may have to really pay attention to this one. 

Whether you play or not, the best two strike hitting strategies will carry over to some big time success off the field:

1. Don't panic and enjoy the challenge.

Two strike hitting, like life's challenges, are a game of trust. Trust your eyes and see the ball longer is like trusting your instincts and being patient in making big decisions. 

2. Protect your house.  

Hitters are ready to barrel up any moving object near the 17 inches of their kingdom called home plate.  In life, no one screws with your self worth and the self love you need to thrive in the Batters box and in life. 

3. Don't look the bitch in the eye.

Fastballs out of the strike zone, change ups in the dirt. Two strike warriors have incredible visual discipline in focusing their eyes in the strike zone and wait till the last second to react.  They refuse to be tempted by the poison apple of a rise ball or the slimy path of a change up in the dirt. 

Off the field, stay locked in on your priorities and avoid distractions and life's noises that derail your plans!  

4. Battle and live to swing another time. 

Two strike hitters have the mindset of one pitch at a time. They know the pitcher will make a mistake at some point and deliver a MOMMY ( mistake over the middle) ball for them to crush into the outfield gaps. Persistence and staying in the battle will bode well off the field. Tough to take advantage of life's opps when you're  not in the game hunting for the enemy or a chance to succeed. 

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