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The magic wand in motivating today's athletes!

I am asked constantly by parents and coaches as to the best way to motivate today's young athletes. 

 How do I get my son to take more batting practice?  What can I do to get my daughter to strength train in the off-season? If my kid put more time into his sport, he would be a prospect! 

Here's my perspective and secret formula!

The next time you see your player or child wasting time or lazy about his sports habits ( or  for that matter, school work ) give him the best piece of motivation ever; DONT. 

The only motivation that is genuine and lasting is self-motivation. Encouragement and support and unconditional love are a given, but if you really think you are going to "will" someone to be dedicated and committed for an extended period of time, you are living in a fantasy land or living your depressing life through them. 

Motivation starts and ends with the person looking to go from good to great.  If the little voice inside or the "burning belly" of wanting to excel isn't there, all the speeches and rah rah are for naught.  Encouragement and love are not motivation. Know the difference!

Parents and coaches greatest gifts to players is to help them find the one thing their heart and soul want to do. Lead them there and then let go. 

Go find your YOU.  You found it when you become your best cheerleader and actually get  off the sideline and work your ass of because you want to see the other side of the mountain!

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