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I need to major in something impressive so I can get a job one day

I know parents,teachers, guidance counselors and your Uncle Joe have given you their advice on what to study and what to be when you grow up.  Or maybe a major or career in something sounded cool but on further review you realize it's just not your gig. 

Don't panic. In the competitive world of finding a job or gaining admission into graduate, law or medical school, let's remember what makes you the " right choice":

GPA. Have a high one but more important have a Genuine Positive Aura. (GPA).

Book smart is cool but your ability to express your intelligence ( verbal, written and body language ) gets the job and  gets you through the nerds in Admissions who envy your intangibles. 

You may change your major several times in your college career and if you are true to yourself you will change jobs and careers often in your life. That's what smart, passionate winners do!  Find amusement in social media but find real pleasure in real talks and real dialogue with real people.  

Major in life. Major in you.  

Dabble  in the arts, grind through accounting, learn about mental illness in psychology.

Keep learning and be able to write and speak about it with passion and pride. Be a Bad Ass with whatever B.A or M.B.A  degree you hold one day!

Good luck attending Life University where the classes and teachers are whatever and whoever you choose.

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