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One step closer to your Goal by the greatest tool ever; Failure

Goals can become the strongest force for self-motivation- they are your track to run your course. Yet less than 5%of all people set specific goals, and fewer than 5% will write their goals down on paper. 

Why such depressing numbers?

People don't know the importance of goal setting. Every great accomplishment usually begins with a goal written down on paper. 

Most people don't know how to set goals. 

Writing it with details, with a timeline and a sense of reality, clarifies the goal and commits you to it. 

The big one. 

Afraid to fail. If you have no goals, you're not risking failure.  Wrong strategy! 

Fail faster and more often.  Failure is a preclude to success. 

Failure and the learning process that goes on with "good fail" takes the failure and converts it into a new and improved action for the next go round.

Comfort is the enemy to goal setters. 

Goals require you to leave your "feel safe, fee good" world and venture into new experiences and requires new skills. 

Be the 5% of those that are looking to score every day with a Goal.  If you don't miss the shot, you'll never score. If you don't swing the bat or run into a wall, you'll never have the opportunity for the game winning RBI or game saving catch...

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