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Don't be in the Pretty Little Liar Club!

Not familiar with the cable tv series " Pretty little liars"  You live under a rock or something?

No worries. I'll give you a quick summary; a bunch of spoiled brat millineums that lie and live in the superficial world of perceived wealth and where looks and beauty rule over intelligence and honesty. 

We all may find  ourselves  telling a little fib or stretching the truth sometimes.  It's wrong and we know it but everyone else does it so it's cool.

We justify the lie so it doesn't hurt someone's feelings or to avoid others from looking at us less admirably. We even catch our parents or bosses stretching the truth some times. 

 Stay out of the PLL ( pretty little liar) Club before it's too late:

1.  Be known for someone who says it like she sees it.  Keeping it real ( yet tactful) will earn more respect and grow your circle of real friends and admirers. 

2.  Better to say nothing than a white little bs line that will come back to bite you or put you in a position to tell additional white lies. 

3.  Find strength and power in being truthful to others as it will be the catalyst to being true to yourself  when facing your own life challenges. 

4  Call out the PLLs in your life or better yet get them out of your life. Put them on probation first with a call out on their bs. Next lie, they lose their privilege of hanging with you! 

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