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If today was your last practice or game what would be different?

You ever wonder how much more enjoyable and better you would play if your mindset had it scheduled as your final appearance in your sport or activity. 

 With no anticipation or fear of tommorow,  play becomes easy and pure enjoyment of every minute is like a drug you can't get enough of 

(endorphins rule)!

Players are always told to play in the moment and play worry free. Easier said then done but focused attention to the following will help:

Your farewell game would have more smiles than frowns. People watching would notice a glow or a flow to all of your movements 

Your favorite playlist of kick ass songs would be heard throughout your head all games. 

You would notice how time has slowed down as a reminder to take in every second of your farewell game.

You would think about nothing to allow your talent to be. You would just be. A brief closing of your eyes would prompt a past highlight video when you owned the moment. 

Your swag and easiness of all your moves would come natural as you realize the game has to be played like a goofy little 8 year old. 

You would reflect briefly on world issues and family, friend health or tragedy that exists and feel chills go up your spine to be so lucky standing and playing in the dirt or outfield grass. 

Before it's your real farewell game, make today and tommorow and the next few hundred games feel like your last one...

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