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Slow life and the Game down. The habits of the best athletes

Lebron, Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Derek Jeter, the William sisters.  

A few names of athletes we enjoy watching who  "steal time" and slow time down to their advantage in the fast paced world they all play in! 

Stop and smell the roses. We hear that often as a reminder to enjoy each day and more accurately, each passing moment we never get back.  The "rich" people ( not money rich) appreciate the little things each day and are so wrapped up in the simple littke moments each day offers. They truly understand and live by the credo; Every day is a present to unwrap and cherish. 

Let's get back to the " time stealing" athletes who play, see, feel and look different than their opponents. What common traits do they possess that allows them to  dominate in the fast lane world of sports:

1. An insane and warrior like focus on the

" right stuff". 

Elite athletes have emotional and visual discipline unknown to their competition.

Their commitment to staying  fearless and trusting their physical skills to react is their ultimate edge. They know what's important at the time and quickly recover their thoughts way before their opponent. They are the ultimate predictors of the future because they have played out in their minds eye every conceivable "next" play. 

2. A child like perspective while in competition.

   Warrior focus with a child's true love and joy for the sport. They simply participle and don't anticipate ( future thinking) or procrastinate

(yesterday's crap). 

3. The best rap chat and best flix every day. 

A daily preparation with great imagery skills and  drowning their thought process with powerful positive words ( rap chats) for easy access during competition. The great ones make no distinction between practice, training or the game with their mindset and consistently.  Their imagination skills and imagery mastery are better than Disney animators!

We all can't be in the same category as Michael and Lebron and the gang. 

You can however learn from the Best and apply and commit their time stealing habits ievery day and strive to be the best version of YOU the world has seen. 

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