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The secret recipe all elite teams and players use!

Regionals, sectionals, World Series, championship games. The big games that we all dream about playing in..... and winning!

Some teams and players seem more relaxed, focused and ready for the big moment. Other teams wilt under the self induced pressure of what they perceive to be the BIG game. 

Here's the menu to choose from the next time you and your team think it's a Big game:

Starts at the top. 

Coaches and seniors demonstrate the same calmness and ho hum attitude as if the big game was your first scrimmage in the Fall.  More talk and reminders about  sticking to your same approach and mindset that got you to the big dance rather than rambling on about the opponent or the need to win. 

First team to relax wins. 

Starts with the starting pitcher that has the body language and aura of a little leaguer pitching in his first all star game at 12! 

Hitters stay committed to their approach, make seeing the ball longer the priority and enter the Batters box and take the field with a swag and look similar to a super hero in Hollywood. 

Pitchers keep their tempo and trust their stuff and remind themselves that they have no control of the outcome once the ball leaves their fingertips. Pitchers "melt" the hitters visually and simply have a catch with their buddy squatting down wearing a mask. 

Every player and coach commits to enjoy the crap out of the game. 

It's not always the best team that wins the big games. Players and coaches that turn pressure into pleasure and stay locked in to the tools and mindset that got them to the big game win the prize. Smiles and love coming from the dugout and coaches box bring the game back to ho hum!

Bring your weapons of mental dominance to the party and let the Big game swallow up the other team.! 

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