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Do you really have friends,  visitors and BFF's?

Social media has made it so easy to increase our network of friends and stay connected 24/7.  We share pics and stories and make new friends and "like" others with a simple click. We can find a stranger and follow them in the blink of an eye. Texting and group chats gives us access and a cyber voice whenever we want.  Technology will only get better in shrinking the world and allowing all us to view, comment and make even more friends in the middle of the night. 

As we  I - tech into the next decade, let's remind ourselves and our real friends and contacts, the golden rules in relationships:

1. If you wouldn't hug them in person, there not  really your friends.

2. If you don't know the color of their eyes, your a click friend not a flesh friend.

3. If they don't know your watching their activity or posts because you never comment  and just stalk from a distance, they are really not in your life. 

4  If you saw your cyber connections in the grocery store, you would have at least 5 minutes of real dialogue together to catch up. 

If you see them and duck into the cereal aisle, they're not really a friend. 

5. If you were in the hospital or lost a family member, how many within your social network would visit, call or write you a personal card? 

Let's remember the greatest and most powerful    way to connect and make someone know how much you care is when they can see your eyes or hear  your voice.  

Make this weekend be Eyes over I phones.

Easy to click and scroll but if you want to really be connected with the world and develop flesh friends for life, remember and follow the 5 golden rules!

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