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Letting go when you need to... Are you playing or working come game time?

Actors, athletes, musicians and superstars in every industry are made from the same mold. 

They all have something in common when the lights are down and the hard, boring work of preparation separates the good from the Gods of their profession:

1. A specific  topic or  narrow part of their art that needs improving;

2. Laser focus preparation in practice with a uncanny ability to create the thoughts and images of a game situation;

3. Amazing Commitment to details during training;

4. Extraordinary ability to review, analyze and adjust during a workout session;

5. Tremendous discipline to repeat the task over and over in practice so it becomes their new ME. 

There is a time and place for analysis, technical thinking and isolating parts of the masterpiece. Game time is not the time. 

Game time rewards those that out prepared others and exposes those that neglected to follow the 5 golden rules above!

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