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Why are we On the Verge everyday?

A group of students recently asked me why my blog was called "On the Verge". I was initially surprised to hear the confusion, but realized that assuming other people's reference point was lazy!

So that there is no confusion, On the Verge is a reminder that each day, week, month, we are capable of tremendous progress or regress in our goals and dreams.

Do you know right now what road in the On the Verge blog image you are on? The Road to nowhere or a dead end because of laziness, no discipline or the Road to success and happiness?

Goal setting is perhaps the most important planning (weapon) in deciding what Road you will stay on as you journey through your busy day.

When used properly, the goals you set as an athlete and a person fuel your motivation. If your goals are personally meaningful, they'll help you justify in your own mind the sacrifices, hard work, and pursuit of excellence you've undertaken. Simply, it gives you a reason of getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

Fact. You will never become a champion by taking the easy road, nor will the easy road lead you out of your performance problems.

Do you know which road you are on today?

Reflect, choose a weapon from past blogs to perhaps steer the bus back onto the road of choice. Be prepared for potholes and speed bumps but at least know where your destination of choice will bring you.

Why are we On the Verge everyday?

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