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Are you a prisoner of your past experiences or a warrior of your future actions?

We see it all the time. A players performance level stays the same each year or regresses. As teammates, coaches, and well wishers, we agonize with them and feel helpless in their inability to change their ways and their performance.

Learn to break the prison chains and become the master warrior of today and tomorrow. 

A few helpful reminders you know but perhaps need another kick in the grass reminder:

No goals, no plan, no chance.  

If you don't know specifically where you want to go or become, you have zero chance of succeeding. Be bold and daring and say it loud or write it on your forehead. " I will be ........"

Learn from your past failures then erase the event out of your memory. Have a ceremonial burning, discarding or throwing away of the past. This symbolic burial will go a long way to finally letting go!

Your commitment and conviction today will be greater than your fears or uncertainty of the future. Simple concept. Work on today and the future becomes a byproduct of all the smart, relentless work you put in on a basis. 

Work on the "stuff" you or trusted others have identified as your Achilles heel so your past weaknesses become but a distant memory. 

Love the journey and  know that you have already won because you continue to push your limits and conquer your weaknesses. 

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