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Let every day be Fathers Day to someone in your life.

In celebrating the real Fathers Day today, it dawned on me how cool it would be to pretend it was Fathers Day every day and spread and share the love to all people in our lives  who have provided us fatherly advice. 

Waiting for someone to get sick or die is not the best time to share how grateful you are to their fatherly support and presence in your life.

Mothers, aunts and grandmothers also count in every day is Fathers Day share the love. You don't have to be a man to father someone.

Everyone wins. In making others feel appreciated it gives meaning and perspective to our own lives.  

The ultimate weapon in making our own lives more meaningful is to touch as many other lives in a positive way,especially when the other person doesn't expect the reach out. 

Call, handwrite a note, visit live. Whatever it takes to make the connection special. Yes, if it is the only option, text with emotional words and no emojis!

Happy Fathers Day today.  Bring the fatherly love and appreciation to your special "fathers" everyday.  

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