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Turning it over: See it, Feel it, Trust it.

 Our never ending journey to find success once the cameras, crowd and the " big moment" arises. 

As our good friend Tao Te Ching said many years ago:

Less and less do you need to force things 

until finally you arrive at non-action. 

When nothing is done, 

nothing is left undone.

Turning it over, or putting trust in our instincts, is our ultimate goal. Just as we don't tell the ears when to hear or the eyes when to see, your natural abilities will surface best when left alone. 

If you are physically and mentally prepared, then you shouldn't be concerned with HOW it's going to happen. You should be only concerned with letting it happen.

Why do we change our mindset come game time?

Practice like you perform. Perform like you Practice. 

Easier said then done. Commit to the golden rules for eliminating the distinction between backyard play and the "big" game:

1. You are the one constant. 

Under your jersey is the same flesh and bones that plays or prays; your practice mindset vs. game worrying!  Whether you are practicing or performing, you have the ability and the power to melt the distinction!

2. Nothing special - Nothing changes.

There is no big game or big moment. When we feel pressure of having to come through, we become tense and rigid. Hitters overstare at the the ball and can't read spin or speed and the evil big muscles of the swing ( shoulders and hips) take over the swing. 

3. Bruce Lee once said, "the less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be."  Said another way, the less conscious effort, the more powerful you will be. 

Your DEBS ( deep exaggerated breathes) combined with your personal RAP CHATS

( personal and feel good phrases)  used consistently in play and practice is the bridge to turning over the game

to your true YOU. 

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