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First day of Summer: The ultimate snack for year long play!

As we celebrate the longest day of the year and summer is officially here, I introduce you to the best snack food to keep your summer play at the elite level:

I give you the SunChips!

Why SunChips?

Two reasons. You ready? 

1. Pocket full of SUNshine. 

Practice and play ( no difference in mindset remember!) with a glow and lightness as if you had a light energy source illuminating from your backpocket. 

Sunshine is happy that touches all parts of the field and the ultimate feel good on your face. 

Sunshine in your pocket is a reminder and weapon selection to choose optimism over pessimism and light over darkness as we play. 

Sunshine is light on your feet, a prance  and a look on your face that exudes warmth and contentment.  

Sunshine in your pocket is the secret weapon that some observers call Swag (Sunshine With A Grin)!

The Sun is the ultimate bad ass of the universe that all others revolve around.  Need we say more?

2. Chip. Don't mess with me. 

The expression he or she has a chip on their shoulder.  Why do high level performers know when to create the chip?

A few quotes coming from Mister and Mrs. Chip:

" I'm pissed, look out world"

I didn't get it done last time, no one is going to beat me this time"

" If you think I'm going to settle for second fiddle, you are wrong"

I really just want to kick someone's ass today"

"Everyone is betting against me, love the challenge to prove them wrong"

"Please tell me I suck again so I can further fuel my belly"

I'm angry, I'm going to channel my hostility and beat you"

Sun and Chips. Together and always in your lunch/weapons box will make for a successful summer.... and beyond.  

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