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The anatomy of a bad at bat.

Not great sleep the night before.

Fast food for lunch since you we're rushed for time. 

Three coffees and an energy drink before the first inning. 

No reading or JOG ( journal) review to rekindle the great moments the week before. 

No dry swings during pre game hitting  specific types of pitches with your eyes closed because you were concerned what your teammates would say. 

Two plus hours  before the game of phone staring on the small screen to smash the eyes. 

Hitting coach making you feel good instead of trying to get you game ready during bp. 

No time for MEDS ( daily deep breathing) or Best flixs ( imagery). 

Cardio swinging at 15 pitches thrown dead middle with no interruption to practice "doing nothing".

On deck prep was spent reviewing swing mechanics which has nothing to do with hitting success in the game. 

Routines practiced during the week were forgotten. 

While in the Batters box, you felt the need to get a hit and drive in the runners on base and not strike out. 

Debs ( breathing habits)  was replaced by chest blowing and throat noises. 

The voice inside of you was critical and condescending. 

Your body was tight and tense and all of your big muscles were ready to take over. 

Body language that appeared Olympian when you were on fire is replaced by a scared look and slumped shoulders. 

Your vision was hard and big as you stared excessively at the pitchers release point. 

You decided to swing when the ball was barely out of the pitchers hand. There was no quiet "library" to settle into early. 

Your only true tool to hit, your hands, were taken over by the evil shoulder and hip monsters. 

You had no plan and you didn't hit the pitch you wanted to see. 

Your at bat was rushed, fast and over with before you could blink. 

You found no time to reflect and reset as you marched out to play defense with a chip on your shoulder. 

And the cycle continued until you were 0-4 and the game is over.  

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