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The Anatomy of a great Offensive Day! Part 1

The menu is long but you need to select  your choices prior to each game. Don't be afraid to try something different at times off this Menu of  Hitting Excellence. 

Here's the first 7 on the menu! 

1. 8+ hours of sleep the night before. Alert and calm in the box allows for calm smooth actions. 

No sleep, no chance. 

2 A balanced healthy lunch that will fuel you to attack all day - protein and whole grain carbs! Add a fruit. Your body is like a Ferrari car, it doesn't want or need crap gasoline or cheap fast food to perform at its best.

3. Your eyes are made up of 90% water. Your eyes are the ultimate weapon in your battle against the pitcher. Choose water over Dunkin with sugar and cream or sugar water 

( Gatorade) unless it's 90 degrees and you are playing a doubleheader.

4. Scan your JOG ( journal of greatness) and relive some of your past highlights and review in your own words your mindset and feelings during your better performances. What did it look like in your minds eye and how did it feel when you doubled in the gap against the blonde pitcher in the green uni at Indiana? More details, the better the chance your brain and body will want to repeat the actions an hour later!

5.  MBP ( mental batting practice) during pregame and after regular bp. When your teammates are standing around chatting or playing hacky sack, Visualize different pitches coming at you and take real game swings. 

Plug in the image of the starting pitcher and see the ball out of her hand as you steer it into your lane ( vertical hitting zones) or ladder ( up or down).  

6.  Ditch the crack in your hand at least an hour before you get to the field. Yes... your IPhone.  Who cares what Angelica is doing on vacation in Florida? Forget your fake friends and focus on what's really important and a priority in your life. If you don't take your performance prep seriously, you might as well keep spending time sucked into social media wasting alot of your 1440 ( how many minutes a day athletes and people have to get stuff done) wasted in cyber space. 

7. Challenge your self during BP. Don't just hit everything thrown at you. Take pride in your takes. Put yourself in counts. Step in and out and practice your routines, rap chats ( self talk ) and your in game  visual plan!  Take a feel good round hitting MOMMY balls ( Mistakes over the middle) then get back to reality hitting!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Anatomy of a great Offensive Day. 

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