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Anatomy of a great Offensive Day. Part 2

Back in the Batters box and ready to hit?

Your pregame preparation and time spent when no one was around will be rewarded or exposed. 

Let's continue the hitting menu we started in Part 1 so you have a full diet of goodies to select and devour:

8. Meds (mini meditation that soothe the soul and connect you with YOU)  and Best Flixs (personal highlight films) should be a constant throughout pre game and on deck. 

 National anthem time is a great time to do both!  If you can deep slow breath for 10 seconds from the diapram (horizontal muscle way under the belly area ) you can meditate. 

If you can close your eyes for a few seconds in public, you can see and be the best flix you just created in your minds eye. Be the master hitter and take these two skills into the batters box and between pitches. On deck? No call it 

I check!  A simple review of your eyes and visual strategy for your upcoming at bat.  Find your DEB ( deep exaggerated breathe) and then get your body and thoughts out of your at bat. 

9. Cardio hitting isn't real. Great hitters need to practice doing nothing and control the time gaps that exist in real at bats. The average time between pitches is around 20 seconds. 

Managing that time with a calm, confident and process oriented inner voice takes practice. 

Practice,refine and trust your nothing- down time! If you want cardio, go for a 3 mile run after the game. Taking 10-12 swings in a row in bp isn't working but you are getting your swings in!  Hitting is not swinging, silly goose!

10. In the Batters box, fire up your rap chats 

( personal, powerful feel good self talk) and have MF swag or strut, your choice. Result driven thoughts ( need a hit, got to drive in these runs, don't strike out, I suck, no hit, no playing time.....) will create tension and tightness and send you back to the dugout in a hurry. 

11.  Loose and smooth win the prize. Less is better. Effortless power.  You have heard all the cliches!  

When you learn to get your body out of the way in your swing and let your eyes and barrel work as one unit, you are one step closer to hitting like the elite few!  The big muscles ( hips and shoulders) will find their way into the swing. Control your eyes and barrel first. 

Part 3 of the Anatomy of a great Offensive Day tomorrow. 

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