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Find your Flow and live among the Giants of human performance!

The Zone. Peak Performance. Heaven. Alpha.

On Fire, Autopilot. Flow. 

Call it what you want but this is where athletic and human performance take on a different level and a state of being scholars, scientists and psychologists have been studying for years. 

As athletes and artists and in everyday life, we stumble in and out of Flow. What is Flow?

Clear goals with a high challenge and skill level 

Concentration is high on a limited field of attention.  

A loss of the feeling of self-consciousness. 

Distorted sense of time. 

A sense of personal control over the situation. 

The activity is rewarding so action is effortless. 

Million dollar question is how to find and stay in Flow.  In "The  Rise of Superman" Steven Kotler says it best:

Go slow to go Fast. 

Clarity gives us certainty. 

There is no past or future and a lot less room for self. 

Attention is right here, right now. 

In your next workout or practice, try the following triggers to help you find your flow:

Make listening to your deep breath a priority throughout your task. 

Seek to find pure joy and excitement in just being on the field of play with no preoccupation of results or self judgment. 

Stay open focus ( big picture) longer. 

The harder we look and more focused we become on outcome works against Flow. 

Let go of the mechanics of the task and let your body unfold naturally by following your eyes. 

Go Flow.

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