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Remove the Yoke and never Choke again.

Remove the Yoke and never Choke again.

Two animals held together by a Yoke. 

Stay with me on this one! 

 A Yoke is a wooden crosspiece bound to the necks of a pair of oxen that has been used for over a century. 

Metaphorically, the Yoke is something oppressive or burdensome and in writings in the Bible, the metaphor refers to being chained  or enslaved to evil thoughts.

Choking in sports and life.

 How do we define this?

 1 One's inability to control their thoughts and actions in a situation. 

2.Interference from the Thinking part of the brain that effects the Nike ( just do it) part of the brain. 

3. Perceived pressure and result driven thoughts that sabotage the pure actions that are imbedded in all athletes preparation.

4. Temporary loss of muscle control that reduces the smoothness and ease of movement or actions. 

Choking is the ultimate lesson in feedback.

Handled as a great experience and as an opportunity to learn and adjust,  occasional choking is necessary to achieve any level of success. 

Find your Yoke that has caused you to Choke!

Until  the burdens and the source of the heavy Yoke can be lifted, choking is inevitable. 

Laser focus in your preparation and a control freak obsession in your thoughts and images is the beginning of removing the yokes.  Pressure and anxiety does not exist in the present. 

Rap chats and Best Flixs accessed at the right time with the right tone of voice with ultimate conviction will always remove the Yoke.

Let the oxen in the picture above run free. 

Let your actions and reactions to a situation be free from the heavy yokes.   

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