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The three headed monster we must battle and conquer every day.

Worry, Doubt and Fear. 

The three sisters of Evil. They live in the Enchanted Forest and at times in the minds of all of us.  

Making them even more powerful, they each have a special place in which they grow and spread their wickedness:

Worry lives in the Present. 

Doubt gets it powers from the Past. 

Fear lives in the Future.

Our weapons of choice to battle the evil sisters are usually Rap chats, Best Flix and songs and laughter. At times we need another friend to go to battle with!

Time to send the three sisters back to the black hole where they came from forever. 

I introduce you to Prince FIONA,

champion of the greatest day ever, TODAY. 

Simply, Prince or Princess Fiona is your go to hero to ensure the evil sisters don't come out to play and screw up your day. 

 F. Free to be me right here right now.

I. I control my thoughts and beliefs right now and I love me.

O. only one of me and and I'm my best version right now.

N. Now is me to just let it be. Nothing from yesterday or tommorow exists right now. 

A. Any of the evil sisters can be destroyed by my thoughts, actions and mindset. 

Prince Fiona is one call away anytime you sense the evil sisters are nearby.  

Remember his parts and remember his name so the world today never forgets your name! 

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