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I can't visualize my great performance when I close my eyes!

If you see it, it shall be done. 

Just close your eyes and imagine your performance or technical skill. 

Easier said than done. Many people get frustrated when they close their eyes and see nothing or can't create the image or picture they are attempting to access.

Visualization/Best Flixs can take years to master. Patience and persistence are a prerequisite to making Best Flixs one of your master weapons. 

Let's blueprint how Best Flixs become a real weapon:

1. Daily dose of trying. Real simple; finding time each day to get quiet and create in your minds eye the highlight video is a must. 

Designate a time in the evening or early morning or during the day to practice. In between clssses, bus rides or right before nap times are great opps to get in a quick flix!

2. Before the picture shows up in your minds eye, count backwards from 20 with slow, easy deep exaggerated breaths ( Debbie up to slow down). Once you count down to zero start creating a simple image of your performance. Start simple and pick a camera angle and speed that is easy to create.  Watch from the inside of you looking out or see yourself from a camera angle from your last video training session. The key is to experiment with different angles and speeds. The more angles the better. Again, Patience. Replace frustration with better DEBs!  If you need to start simple; red cow, pink duck, purple dog. See smiles and swag in the image as you soak your brain with images that will be accessed later. 

3. Bring in the sounds, smells and all other senses of your activity. The more your brain thinks it real, the more effective and easier the brain will go on auto pilot when you need it!

4.  Remember Debs before Best Flixs. Be creative as to how you are seeing yourself. Add all the other "stuff" that exists in the real world to make your best flix journey real!

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