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Team chemistry is for Girl Scouts and losers

What's the difference between chemistry and physics and what relevance does it have in the sports performance world?

Without turning this into a science clsss,  physics is the study of MATTER and the whole universe. It's the top dog and ruler of all sciences!  Chemistry, in simple terms, is about reaction and interaction of elements that you can't see at times. Team Chemistry is nice and feels good but it's missing a few pieces; results and the coaching staff as a major element. 

At a recent college baseball workshop, we introduced the 4 pillars of team physics:

The BTF factor:

Best teammates forever and what that means.

The Power of Me Player Pledge:

Max effort, my enjoyment and manage my emotions

Shared WMDs:

Teams that share tools win battles 

Coaches modeling the way:

Coaches are the glue to the physics project. 

Without their buy in and being held accountable, the universe crumbles. 

If one is missing, you don't have the complete set of pillars to create a " team universe" that matters... and wins. 

Check out the next 4 blogs as we explain and get real with the  4 pieces that may turn feeling good into winning big and feeling good at the same time. 

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