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wtf are BTFs?  How teams and companies thrive!

In my recent Team Physics formula I shared the 4 building blocks needed to turn team chemistry into Team Physics.  

BTF's. Best teammates forever as the saying goes on the sports field. 

Off the field, Businesses that flourish ( also BTF's)  exhibit the same habits within their employees.

Simple concept but let's drill down and define and execute! 

The 10 commandments to be elected into the BTF Hall of Fame:

1.  Listen to your teammates even when you want to walk away or punch them. 

2.  Extend random acts of kindness when they least expect it. 

3. Share with them a personal issue or something on your mind.  They will feel better and so will you. 

4.  For no reason or lead in, hug them. 

5. In their darkest moments, be a light to show them there will be tomorrow. Do it first by touch, talk and then text. 

6. Let them see your smile and laughter that energizes you and brings them hope. 

7. Compete with them in practice then support them once the game starts. 

8. Be the one player on the team that is not clicked in with one group yet has the personality and kindness all players want to be around.

9. Build BTF relationships one teammate at a time. Yelling, trying to be popular and kissing up the coaches is not the path. 

10.  When asked, give feedback and an honest  answer. Don't be mean but don't be fake or afraid to tell someone what they really need to hear. 

BTF's.  Best teammates forever, Businesses that Flourish.  Take your pick. 

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