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No SEED, no chance to blossom  into your flower of choice!

You want to develop into a high level athlete, respected professional or a giant sunflower? 

Follow the farmers formula and plant the SEED  every day:

S. Sleep. You have heard it before but starting today it's a priority. Get off the caffeine crap earlier in the day and disconnect from the I phone world sooner and make bedtime a hard deadline. Lack of real sleep ( 7-9 hours) effects  mood swings, bad eating and focus levels. 

E. Eat Garbage in,garbage out.  You are what you eat. You have heard this nonsense since health class in high school. You want to get the most out of your brain and body every day?

Control the bad choices and increase the good! 

E. Exercise. Sweat, jog,dance, move. No matter the age or level of fitness, getting the heart rate up and lubricating joints is a daily must!  Too tired to workout?  Watch what happens when you add the other SEED pieces to your daily mantra! 

D.  Drink. Most of your body parts have water as a major ingredient. Drink more and often and watch how clear your head and daily urine flow become.  Control the sugar and flavored garbage drinks that taste good but creates havoc with your blood sugar levels and total calorie count. 

Plant the SEED daily and watch the flower and power grow! 

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