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WTF!  Your choice every time.

No. It's not what you think it stands for! 

WTF-  In life and on the playing field, we have two choices when adversity or setbacks arise. 

WTF. As athletes and students, we can Work the Fix or Wallow in the Fog. 

Work the Fix requires a genuine reflection and a proactive response to the temporary setback or perceived "failure" that occurred:

"How do I remedy the situation?

" Whats my next move?"

" Work the solution out and get after it"

No extended time to pout, think and go do"

Work the Fix. 

Your other WTF option is to Wallow in the Fog:

Pity party time. The world is out to get me. I'll never recover.  Someone else or medication will fix the problem.  My problems are bigger than everyone's. 

Every day we are confronted with an event, problem, crisis or setback. WTF!  Do you work the fix or Wallow in the Fog? 

Always your choice! 

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