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The Coaching challenge. Do you LEAD or do you FAST?

What comes first bad team chemistry or a coach or coaching staff that doesn't deliver the final piece to go from team chemistry to team physics? 

In previous posts, I described Team Physics as the real "science" found within successful  teams. 

To go from chemistry to physics, key substances need to be added to the mix from the coaches;

Double LEAD!  Don't eat it, just write it down. 

L. Listen  and Laughter 

E. Energy and Empower

A. Appreciate and Aptitude 

D. Discipline and Delegate 

The best of the best coaches understand and demonstrate genuine listening skills. They know when to give monologue speeches and they know when it's time to shut up or engage in personal dialogue. The master coaches use laughter and humor to ease the daily stressors of practice, life and game conditions. 

Tough to ask your team to play with passion, fire and max effort when leadership doesn't model the way. Simple concept. The great coaches teach then empower their players to go and do without fear of constant criticism. 

The great coaches also know that they at times have to be the master teachers in practice and then allow the " children to go play" come game time.  

Is it obvious to your players and other coaches that you appreciate them, the sport and life each day you are together? 

The master coach makes all around him feel special and appreciated. What score would your players give you on your techincal and tactical knowledge of your sport?  Are you stuck with the same drills, formations and teaching cues from the last 10 years or are you learning and challenging yourself through clinics, reading and  learning from sources outside your campus. 

We ask our players to be discipline. 

How good are yours?  On time for practice, preparation time for games, equal discipline served to all players; from the superstar to the scrubs?

We preach SEED to our players, how tired, sloppy and unhealthy are you as you stand in front of your players? The master coach allows staff and players to help support and carry out the master plan for the team. Delegating with clear and specific expectations to other coaches and players is the trait of the big time coach. 

FAST. A survey taken from over 200 athletes gave us the 4 most undesirable traits athletes want to see in their coaches. 

F.  Favorites and Frustrated ( tone of voice)

A.  Asshole some times (mean,miserable angry and annoying)

S.  Stubborn and screamers 

T. Tight ass come come crunch time 

We know the inmates don't and should not run the asylum but feedback from the troops at times is what the master coach welcomes. 

Team Chemistry starts at the top and when done right Team Physics shows up on the scoreboard and in the locker room! 

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