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Do you have it backwards in your quest for athletic success?

Think about it. 

If 100% of playing a sport is vision ( where's my opponent, where's the ball, where's the goal, where's my teammate?) and let's say 90% of your performance is mindset and emotional management, why do we spend most of our practice/training time in the mechanical world?  

Yes, all sports require a certain level of motor skill consistency to compete and at some point excel. However, actual game performance and ongoing success heads back into the visual and emotional world. 

Are you training like a Jedi knight or doing the same "stuff" everyone else does that stumbles into greatness by accident some times?

Learn to breathe through your eyes. 

Learn to look at nothing and see everything.

Learn to slow down moving objects by tracking them like skilled riflemen and elite fighter pilots. 

Learn and practice that the eyes are the window to the soul and if you can control the windows, the soul becomes yours. 

Can you meditate on the fly?

Can you create in your minds eye the outcome of what's next?

Can you control the chatter inside your head like a radio channel?

Can you learn to do nothing with your body at the right time to achieve everything you need at the moment? 

There's never an off season for those that seek to be special. 

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