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The 14 day WMD challenge launches in 3 days!  Are you ready?

Starting December 1st, the first annual 14 day WMD ( weapons of mental dominance) will be released through my On the Verge blog.  

At the request of several teams and individual players, the 14 day WMD challenge will jumpstart your 2018 mental skills training through a collection of specific daily action plans for you to execute!

Follow the 14 day WMD calendar.  

Commit to the challenge and grade yourself at the end of the 14 days.  No matter your score, you win big by taking the WMD challenge. 

Players that accomplish all 14 challenges win a free FOPO shirt and qualify for a paid trip to New York to star in a WMD video shoot!

Will your weapons be ready in 2018?  

December 1st. starts the battle. 

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