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Day 5 of the WMD Challenge!

Today we learn how to " steer" water into our various body parts.  You will double your water intake today and in each serving, close your eyes and as the water touches your mouth, you will visualize ( steer) that gulp of water into a specific part of your body. Make sure one of the recipients of the gulp is your eyes and one other has to be your heart.


Close your eyes.

Pre-determine where this next sip is going. 

Water enters your mouth and steer the water to the body part that was waiting for the water. 

Repeat at least 20 times today!

Shoulders, feet, chest, wrists, hamstrings. Be creative and vary where the energy source is headed each gulp. Sore or aching body parts should get double or triple trips!

If you drink a lot of water everyday great.  Today is "Steer the Hydra day" Drink even more and send it somewhere each gulp. 

Eyes closed or eyes open each gulp. Go back and forth. The challenge is to enjoy the journey to the body part each gulp!

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