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Playing carefree and with joy. How do you find the mindset?

You watch the great performances and somethings different.  From the elite athlete to the entertainer to the weekend warrior, great performances always come down to these 4 P traits:

Perspective -  great performers know that the sun will come up tomorrow, death and tragedy and real important stuff is happening all over the world and they genuinely love the mere act of competing. 

Preparation -  attention to details and a maniacal discipline to repetition and repeating all parts of their game during practice or personal time and then a surrender to doing "nothing" hard once the game starts. 

Present - great performers describe the game as if played in slow motion and with tremendous visual and emotional clarity.  Their ability to eliminate the "what ifs and what was" is magical!

Pleasure - the act of playing is the ultimate exercise in joy. The pleasure feeling never allows for the pressure principle to surface. 

Great performances are a buy product from quality time spent in structured practice mode and off the field during the quiet times when weapons are selected and sharpened.  

Do the hard work in practice and during your private quiet times so the P4's above arrive for game time. 

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