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Body awareness starts and ends with knowing your Rhythm

Find your groove.

Groove is optimal motion patterns and an internal "beat" that allow performers to excel.  

Consistent Performance of any kind is premised upon an internal rhythm of movement that can be repeated to allow for maximum performance and pleasure. It's the athletes best friend to ensure consistency and control over all the big muscles in performance.  

Rhythm is the inside clock that puts your body in the best position to get proper sequencing, mechanics and all the physical crap you don't have time to overthink about come game time.   

We walk with our own rhyhm.  We all have our own breathing rhythm. Athletes have a regular,recurring motion that allows them to be consistent in practice and in games. 

Refind and adjust your Rhythm groove any time by following these easy steps:

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. 

Know the exact feeling and internal clock you best perform to!  Your first adjustment in competition after a Debbie ( deep exaggerated breath) and a rap chat ( self-talk)  should be a rhythm recheck.  Are my feet going to fast? Am I herky jerky with my motion? Is a specific muscle effecting my groove? If so, feel the rhythm of the beat you know that puts you back on the groove. 

Check in with your breathing rhythm. If the center of your universe is off ( too slow or too fast or erratic) your body groove is gone. 

Practice groove moves daily. Your walk, listening to music are all great times to check in with your groove meter.

Jump rope, breakdance to class, listen to your heartbeat in a lecture. Tap your feet to different patterns each day!

Pre-game or practice has to have a rhythm check in. Be it a best flix moment where you hum, count or sing or during preparation you bounce or dance to the rhythm of  your activity, just do it and look silly! Jogging, bandwork and stretches are great times to practice grooving!

Rhythm. Some have it all the time some lose it quickly. Knowing the feel and beat of it for a specific activity is the first step in being on rhythm groove come game time. The best of the best stay in their rhythm all day long!

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