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Be a student or be an athlete. Or be both.

Three pieces to the Health puzzle of every athlete and high performer I've worked with or have had the pleasure to observe and share strategies with.  It pertains to middle school students as well as the CEO of Companies! 

No magic formula but all three pieces of health need to addressed and worked on daily:

Physical health - the ultimate stress buster. 

Sweat more, lift and run more and you have the foundation in place for all of life's challenges. You take care of your body and your body will take care of your brain. Healthy eating habits fuel your physical health which ignites your emotional health. Either you follow this cardinal rule or your performance and happiness is always in flux. You skimp on sleep? Watch how quickly your mood and diet get screwed up. You hsve heard it before but the majorly of emotional and performance issues stem from physical health issues. 

Emotion health -  Do I transmit positive energy to others and when I look in the mirror? Does Hope, optimism and curiosity embody who I am? Am I perceived to be a fountain of good to others in my life? Am I glass is half empty or half filled person?  Do I agree that the most powerful word in the English language is...yet.

I am not the best player. Yet. I am not consistent with my routines. Yet.  NO really stands for next opportunity. Failure is the ultimate feedback when you examine and autopsy the results of a bad experience. 

Emotional health is a choice!

Mental health  - I am in control of my choices, thoughts and images. Worry, self-doubt and fear do not live in the present. I love me. 

Mental health is all about your continued use and understanding of WMDs ( weapons of mental dominance discussed throughout this blog series). Mental health is your identity and stabilizer and your steering wheel in life. 

Health comes in three different ways. 

Stay Health3 and make it your priority! 

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