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ACT... or risk defeat in sports and in everyday battles!

It's all about your ACT when it's time to step on the fieid or into an interview. 

A- Animation.

By definition, it is the art or process of imparting life,interest spirit and motion into an object. Put another way.It is the quality or condition of being alive, spirited or vigorous.

It's real simple, you better appear more like a superhero or action figure than a zombie from Walking Dead. Animation is a choice. 

Animation reminds your brain and those watching you that the activity or project being worked on is exciting, it's a priority and your soul and spirit are leading the way. 

C- Composure. 

By definition, self controlled state of mind, calmness,tranquility. Calm, cool and collected is the classic line to describe those that look as "cool as a cucumber".

Composure is all about control. Control of ones thoughts, images and visual choices. The cool ones we watch in battle or in the clsssroom are 

careful and precise as to what thoughts, images and visual priorities they choose. 

Composure is the end result of those that are disciplined in what they feed into the brain and eyes. Composure is silence while expressing or doing. 

T- Time and Tempo.  

The great performers are masters at the clock and find their ideal tempo for all activity. The dancer, the test taker, the orator, the hitter all  feel the beat and ideal rhythm for their activity.

The great ones know when to slow down and sense when it's time to speed up. They are timing geniuses because their mindset and visual focus stays in the present. They are experts in sensing when their internal clock needs to be reset and with the ease of one breath can adjust. Hitters, golfers, actors all  use time to their advantage by taking more of it when needed and using less if it to let their own body tempo take over.

ACT out so those watching know you are All In.

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