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Beauty and the Beast. Profiling your best sports moments.

Do you know when you need more beast in your game as opposed to beauty or can you be the master athlete and combine both all the time?

Beast mode. In your face, no body better, chest pumping, navy seal toughness, take on and beat up the world, aggressive mindset. Strong and powerful wins the prize. 

A must, at times, in performances. 

Beauty mode. The lightness and tempo of a ballet dancer. The silent and inner energy that figure skaters and singers exude during performance. Effortless motion. Slow is smooth and smooth is strong feelings are the beauty athletes. 

Be the best of both the beast and the beauty! Say that 3 times fast! 

Know when beast mode has to be your primary thought and realize when beauty time is the right time.

 Better yet be a beautiful beast that has just the right amount of strength and delicacy to perform like the great ones!

In practice or in performance, check in with your two favorite characters and let one take control over the immediate task.

 Together, they rule the world! 

Beauty and the Beast. Profiling your best sports moments.

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