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Choose to be a superhero instead of a superzero!

My college students picked their favorite superhero/ action figure this week at class. 

Flash,Hulk,Catwoman were just a few of the characters the sports pysch students selected. 

The assignment?  Walk, talk and act like your superhero in front of the class during a brief superhero episode!  Students will transform their body language, voice and "aura"  in front of the class. Superhero week has officially begun!

Why play make believe superheroes? 

1. You are what you perceive you are.

2. Before actually becoming a superhero, act like one!

3. There is a superhero in all of us.

4. The brain can be influenced by ones body actions and language selection so that  acting behavior and performance can eventually be how you really "present" to the world. 

5.  Superheroes smile,breath,and love life's challenges and confront fear with courage and trust. 

6. Superheroes are no match for the three evil sisters (worry, doubt and fear) as their superpowers stem from being " present"during battle.

Who are you today? 

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