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Understanding and improving pitch recognition and timing issues

After you and your hitters get done with the industry cliches to improve hitting, it may be time to learn about other topics and teaching strategies used by elite players and coaches.

Yes, launch angles, bath path and lag and exit velo along with kinetic chain theories and spin rates are fascinating but without timing (which is a function of visual accuracy and improved predictability skills), the building of the swing becomes useless once competition starts.  Telling hitters not to chase the rise ball or swing at strikes is great advice but perhaps you can provide a little more meat and potatoes as to HOW to do that.

Glossary of terms for the next level coach:

Visual neutrality - Hitters ability to re-wire/delay their visual to physical reaction to improve and increase ball flight clarity. You can tell hitters to stay back and "wait" till you are blue in the face. How's that working so far?

IFBC - In flight barrel control; a function of less big muscle movement during  the last phase of ball flight. Teachable!

Open focus - (looking at nothing and seeing everything). The great eyes stay in one visual mode (not soft and fine and window looking) and can sweep the pitchers delivery for pre-pitch cues and then watch ball flight for time to collision info! Stop telling hitters to focus on the ball. The harder the visual system looks, the less clarity and flexibility the eyes have!

Jump the tracks -  Hitters visual search strategies that position their field of vision in front of the  moving object to better gauge where the ball is going and less of where it has been. Ever go hunting or shoot clay pigeons?

Huggies - Hitters preference to lock in on one part of the ball (top, bottom, left right) to better calculate movement and direction.

If your team or player continues to 'miss" or  their ability to square up the back of the ball (good timing is a product  efficient visual skills) is inconsistent, maybe its time to realize that more swing advice is going in the wrong direction.

Let this season be your hitters best visual and most productive season ever!

Understanding and improving pitch recognition and timing issues

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