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Inside out thinking. Is it in you?

Here's a statement to ponder:

You create your perception and experience of life from the inside- out, not the outside in. 

In reading the Path of No Resistance, the light went on for me as I shared this "insight" with coaches in Wisconsin:

Nothing or nobody can make you feel something you don't think.Your thinking and only your thinking,creates your feelings. 

So when you feel low, it has nothing to do with the events of your life - no matter how much it might look otherwise. 

 Chew on that! 

So the next time you get stuck in the outside-in     mud, think about the following reboots:

You cannot control your thinking. 

 The human mind is designed to replace stale thinking with insight. 

2. External circumstances are neutral. 

Why is it that one moment we can be distraught about a circumstance and the next moment look at the same circumstance and wonder why we were upset in the first place?

The reason is that outside events are neutral (you don't feel your circumstances). Realize this and you can overcome anything. 

3. From a low mood, distrust your thinking. 

From a low state of mind, your thinking is never helpful - or true. The simple secret to rising above failure is not to believe what you think when this type of mood sets in. 

4. Stay in the Game. 

What happens when you sit on the sidelines and think yourself into a troublesome experience?  It grows and grows. Pausing to figure out or fix dysfunctional mindset only holds dysfunction in place. The key to overcoming adversity is to stay in the game and allow your psychological immune system to clear the dysfunction. Answers will find you. 

Success or failure is guiding you inward- where relsilence truly rests. 

Stay inside and you become the master of your  feelings! 

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